Have you ever thought to fold your tablet and put it in your pocket. But now it is possible

Samsung had introduced a device unlike any before, this new design of samsung has been named as “SAMSUNG GALAXY FOLD”. Doesn’t it just defines a new category in mobliephones. Samsung had introduced the biggest break through since the moblie phone. The day samsung her launched this mobile the future unfolds with the Galaxy Fold



Samsung had not only changed the shape of the phone, samsung had changed the shape of tomorrow

DISPLAY The display that folds in this phone where others phones can’t Infinity flex display multi layered to endure every fold. Made by bond of layers of innovative polymer material, the 18.51cm (7.3″) Infinity flex display is engineered to be 50% thinner then the other galaxy display. It’s flexible yet durable enough to maintain its stunning view through many folds and unfolds


Samsung had engineered the galaxy fold to work as phone and transform into a tablet


Folds in your hands Fits in your pocket

Ergonomic design makes your grip comfortable and unlocking easy.

Folded, Galaxy Fold is compact enough to hold and use with one hand, with an ergonomic, comfortable grip. The fingerprint scanner is placed along the side where your thumb or index finger naturally land, so unlocking is a infinitive as picking up your phone


Performs like any other smartphone, because it’s like no other smartphone

The next chapter in advanced hardware and intelligent performance

AP, RAM, and storage combine innovative power with incredible storage.

An advanced processor and impressive 12GB RAM give you fast and powerful performance for fluid multitasking and gaming with little lag — and 512GB internal storage gives you the space to hold it all.

Glaxy folds revolutionary duel cell battery works as one, using power and recharging in a way that prevents overcharging. while the intelligent adaptive power saving mode learns your usage patterns to manage battery life– so you get the most of the impressive 4380mAH (typical) battery capacity

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