Jainism Scientifically

Jai Jinendra!!

This is what jains say to greet each other. You may not have heard it,but this is similar to many other phrases or words which are used around the world. Different for different languages, religions, places etc., but all of them are just the gesture to best wishes Coming to point i.e. Jainism scientifically!!!!

It is not the most popular but one of the most scientific religion in the world. People misinterpret Jainism as an atheist religion. And yes there is a thin line because of practical relevance of its teachings.

Beginning with the word JAIN!!!!!

Jain means the follower of Jinendra; and Jinendra means one who won all its Indriyas (senses). Indriyas are the medium that links the soul (or the mind) to the world. Feelings Nd desires towards the world are the reason for all the problems of human beings. And winning Indriyas brings the freedom from those.

Jainism emhasizes more on a life style close to nature and achieving mental peace, than just doing religious tasks. And so it can be said that Jainism is same as philosophy and lifestyle rather than the religion (Dharma).

Jainism Scientifically

Though Jainism scientifically is believed to born with life itself. There had been consideration widely around the world that this evolved as a dharma at the time of Lord Mahaveer. He was born in 615 BC in a Royal Family at Kundalpur. Northern india (this place is in Bihar, India for current maps but not exactly marked in current political borders).

if we talk about the basic principles of Jainism, those are following.

To be continued…………..!!!!!!

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Jainisim scientifically………..

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