Continuing the topic Jainism scientifically 2.0. In last we talked about Lord Mahaveer that where was he born. Now I am going to start with his thoughts………..!!!!!

Lord Mahaveer’s first thought was “Ahimsha Parmo Dharam”. You may had seen it written at places or literature related to Jainism. And the meaning for the great phrase is “Non Violence is first (or the greatest) religion”. This is biggest focus of Jainism and the most widely understoud basic of the same

The second big principle of Jainism, also mentioned in the form of tag line which you might have noticed with the symbol of “Parasparopagraho Jivanam”. It is an aphorism from the part of ” Tattvartha sutra”. “All the life is bounded together by mutual support” is the meaning of the same.

This is the unique idea, but it is the right definition of existence of the world.

Third is to be JAIN and then Jinendra. The emphasis is on being Jinendra, which means wining your self and unlink from the world.

The perfect way to get freedom from this world which has a trap of desires everywhere

Now concluding it the philosophy of Jainism believes that the principle as mentioned above actually defines behavior towards the nature, the world and the self ; and defines a way (path) to follow for each person on this earth

And these all in parallel brings revolution of life of a follower and can bring revolution to the world around too.

This is Jainism scientifically 2.0 part of it we have done many post’s about jainism scientifically os them too and get your self clear about it . And why do you think that this religion is said as to be scientifically. So comment your views and share our page as much as you can and share awareness

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